Saturday, March 16, 2013

Crazy Chocolate Chip

 I went to a slumber party at Elizabeth and Chrissa's beach condo! We read magazines, and played cards, and had popcorn and pizza.........

Then We left to go brush our teeth.......

....... but little did we now that Chocolate Chip had smelled the food!!!!

"CHOCOLATE CHIP!!!!!!!"we all exclaimed. The room was a wreck! 
 "They say Hurricanes come up fast on the beach, but I never expected this fast!" Chrissa said.
 "Well, there is only one thing to do." said smart Elizabeth. 

"Throw Chocolate Chip out the window?" asked Chissa.
"First of all, there is no window, and second of all, we should clean up." I giggled.

"Cleaning up is such hard work!" I sighed.

"Er..., Julie, I hate to break it to you, but you aren't helping clean up at all."

After we (or they) where done cleaning up, we where figuring out what to do next then Chocolate Chip came in with a sign.

It said "Sorry" on it. 

 "We forgive you!" we all said, 

"Wait I thought we where going to throw him out the window!?!?!?!" 

Silly Chrissa!

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Have Fun!

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  1. Ha,ha ha. I remember that, but Elizabeth still hasn't let me throw Chocolate Chip out the window.