Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Egg-stravagant!

" I am so excited! Our Easter party is today!" I told Livey this morning at breakfast,
"I am going to an egg hunt today want to come?" said Livey,

Then I looked at the dishes and at the whole house, there was a lot of work to do.
" I do not know if i have time! Sorry I will sit out on this one."

So I got the Easter decor out and started to Clean & Decorate!

After I was done I had to go to the store to get food for tonight I just had to make the perfect meal! Everything for the party had to be just right!  
Then I remembered something, I wrote a note to Livey 

Dear Livey, 

I  have to go to the store for things for tonight, came you pick up Sugar from the vet @ 3:30 Please? 
thank you 



 I was running late if I was to make my big meal I had to start soon, but when I got home there was Livey but no Sugar!     
"Livey where is Sugar?"  
"I do not know'" 
"There was a note on the table! And now I do not have time to make the big meal!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 
"Julie parties are not to prove that you are a good cook or any thing like that, it is to get to know your friends!" 
"Your are right I would like to have Sugar here for Easter!" 

Happy Easter!

You will never guess who visited last night!!!! The Easter bunny! 

Here are some of the things I got! 

The Samantha Movie 

Cute little stickers 

A Chocolate egg 

A beautiful handmade butterfly mask  

And the Weekend Fun outfit from American Girl! 

Then I made a pancake breakfast! We had some of the colored eggs we made! 

Then I hopped in to my Easter dress 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pet Palozza Part 2#

Last time we met Julie, she lost her patient! Licorice that is, Now Julie is frantically fretting over the lose of the sneaky kitty........

"What will I tell Rose?!?!" I thought! I looked everywhere in the hedges by the front door outside, in the fluffy pet beds, in by the x-ray area, but all I found where some old pennies and forgotten dog toys! Then I saw the back door open just the size for a cat to sneak out! " I must have left it open after Rose come! I should have been more careful!"  I stated to really panic everything started to blur, I was in a daze."What will I tell Rose?!?!" I kept on thinking, " Should I tell her the truth or should I tell her , um, well a lie to make me look better?" Just then I herd a comforting knock ( I do not no how knocks can be comforting, but this one was). I opened it up and you will never believe who was there- Rose! " Hey Julie I think you lost this" she pulled licorice out from behind her back!
 " Licorice!" I yelled. Rose looked at me waiting for some explanation, "Truth or lie? What are you going to do?" "Uhhhhh...... Errr....I left the back door open after you left! I am super, super, super sorry!"
" Julie, I never went out the back door!"
"I know I am sorr- wait., WHAT?"
" I peeked out to see if there was any way out the back, I should have told you, I am the sorry one!'"
" It is all right!"
"So you are not mad?"
"No! I know how I would feel if you where mad at me!"
" Julie thank you for telling the truth!"
" Wait how do you know I was about to tell a lie?"
"You think out loud!"

We both laughed! Well I guess we both learned something new! That I think aloud and there is no way out the back of the pet place, Oh! And that no matter what it is always good to the truth!!!

Let's start at the very being, it's a very good place to start! 
Read pet Palozza Part 1#! 

Super Saturday!

 Hey everyone! It is Super Saturday, the part of the week where this blog gets Super! I will post bunches of your favorite stuff! enjoy!

Friday, March 29, 2013

We'er on The Spicy's!

We where featured on the Spicys doll blog!   

Just click Pet Palozza, after you click the link below and there we are! 

I am so happy I could jump for joy! 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Salty's Doll Blog!

Here is a really awesome doll blog! Featuring my two Best Friends- Chrissa and Elizabeth! The Salty's Doll Blog!   

Friday, March 22, 2013

Pet Palooza Part #1

Today I'm volunteering at innerstaru pet place I have one patient, her name is Coco she is super sweet! Rose walked in "Hi Julie licorice fell that I hope she is okay will you give her an x-ray?"
"Of course that is why I am here." I said! 
"I have to warn you; cats do have a minds of their own" said Rose as she left. I read a book about cat care how hard could it be? 

As she got out of the cage I could tell she needed to bath. So I put some pet shampoo in the tub and water and started up the pet bath  . "I am completely new at this," I thought; then I remembered something Livey Had told me when she had cat of her own  '"cats hate water!'"  right when she touch the water she started squirming and meowing! 

Then I quickly scrubbed her and took her out. "You  survived that one!" I thought. She was glad to dry off, and I was glad to get her out!! Now it's time for an x-ray!!! All went smoothly and she looked fine, "good news to tell Rose!" I thought. I picked up Coco it; was time for her x-ray too, and set licorice on her bed. When I turned my back and looked over my shoulder licorice was gone!!  

Stay tuned for Pet Palozza Part part  2# 
Coming soon! 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Doll Give away!

Go to   To win two so super cute outfits by Mulberry street and Springfield!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Crazy Chocolate Chip

 I went to a slumber party at Elizabeth and Chrissa's beach condo! We read magazines, and played cards, and had popcorn and pizza.........

Then We left to go brush our teeth.......

....... but little did we now that Chocolate Chip had smelled the food!!!!

"CHOCOLATE CHIP!!!!!!!"we all exclaimed. The room was a wreck! 
 "They say Hurricanes come up fast on the beach, but I never expected this fast!" Chrissa said.
 "Well, there is only one thing to do." said smart Elizabeth. 

"Throw Chocolate Chip out the window?" asked Chissa.
"First of all, there is no window, and second of all, we should clean up." I giggled.

"Cleaning up is such hard work!" I sighed.

"Er..., Julie, I hate to break it to you, but you aren't helping clean up at all."

After we (or they) where done cleaning up, we where figuring out what to do next then Chocolate Chip came in with a sign.

It said "Sorry" on it. 

 "We forgive you!" we all said, 

"Wait I thought we where going to throw him out the window!?!?!?!" 

Silly Chrissa!

Check out Elizabeth's and Chrissa's own Blog at 

Have Fun!