Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall Fun!

Hello everydollie! I know it is still my blogger break but the weather was perfect and I could access my blogger account in the hotel Livey and I are staying at while we are between dorms.  So any way here's what we did, 

"There is a really nice breeze!" I smiled and smelled the crisp, cool air, it ruffled the tree tops sending a army of leaves cascading down, gently touching the ground. Livey and I gathered around the park bench at innerstarU. Fall was just starting and the trees where a lovely bunch of red, golden, and green leaves.

"Julie!" said Livey in her I-have-the-best-idea-ever voice! "We should make a big pile of leaves and-"
"JUMP" I finished.

After about 5 minuets of piling handfuls of leaves we were finally finished! I volunteered to jump in first.

I landed in a thud with leaves in my hair and on my clothes, but with a huge smile! 
"Livey you have to try this!" I said. But before I could manage to get out, she jumped on top of the pile, and me.  We both giggled and grinned. 
"Thanks for the soft landing!" she said between bursts of laughter
"Your welcome, anytime!" I replied

I laid down on my back and closed my eyes and giggled every time a leave fell and tickled my face. I love the fall, and my best friend Livey.

I am sad this will be my last blog post for a while because a rare free day like this happens:( I am still in the blogger break but maybe, just maybe I can post before the blogger break ends!

Whats your favorite thing about fall? 

 c/o google images