Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Blogging Break


 Hello every dollie! Because I am moving I will have to take a blogging break. I will post some posts durning  
the break. But when the break is over, Jlove will have more....  

* DIYs 
*Hair styles 
*Photo stories 
*Doll care tips 
*A Sneak Peek at my new web-show
'Jlove: Life at InnerstarU'

Plus New series like..... 

*Doll Home Decor 
*Autumn Mysteries 
*Holiday Happiness  

And of course more... 
*Friends Friday 

Don't miss it! But I will miss you guys! I will blog after the break! Unfortunately the move will been a two month ball park, maybe longer or shorter(Hopefully shorter!) 

Love always, 

We are moving (well just dorms)

Hello everydollie! Livey and I are in the middle of moving dorms(We live in innerstarU )! We are going to move to a more updated place that is more functional.That brings good news and bad news to Jlove, 

Bad News:  
We will have to take a big blogger break which I will explain more in my next post. 

Good News: 
When we fininsh with moving, and done with our blogger break, there will more posts and DIY reveiws ect. 

Please bare with us while we start a crazy jorney!  

Love always, 
Livey and 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Our weekend with Chrissa and Elizabeth~S.A.H.O.

Hello everydollie!  Last Friday night, Saige and I went to Chrissa and Elizabeth's Condo for a S.A.H.O.  sleepover.
 "Good afternoon, Julie!" Elizabeth said.  "Thanks for coming over."
"Saige and I were glad to come!" I said.  Looking around, she asked, "Where's Chrissa?"
"Oh, she grabbed a quick nap before you two came." she told me.  "Where's Saige?"
"She's-" I started, but didn't finish, because a ear-splitting scream echoed though the house. 

 Unknown to us, Saige had sunk up right next to Chrissa's face and said loudly,
"Hi Chrissa!"
 Screaming, Chrissa quickly sat up.  "Saige, you scared me!" she said, looking hurt.  Saige and Chrissa came down the stairs,Chrissa came in the living room to talk with us, while Saige used the restroom.
While Saige was in the bathroom ....
"Why where you screaming?" Elizabeth aked concerningly
"Saige scared me!" she breathlessly replied
"She has been acting strange lately, almost mean! " I told both of them

 Saige had been listening through the wall of the bathroom, and she came out crying.
"I'm sorry," she sobbed, lying on the couch. "It's just that Tessa and Dylan are being mean to me, Mimi broke her leg, I can't ride the Picasso right, and I just can't do anything right!"
Chrissa and I piled on top of her, smothering our friend in a hug.
"Elizabeth!" Mother called from the kitchen, "Please come set the table!"
"It's okay, Saige." she said over my shoulder, running upstairs. "I'll be back!"
"We're here for you, Saige!" I contenued to  comfort her.
"Yes, we forgive you." Chrissa agreed.
"Thanks, you guys are true friends." Saige said, sniffling.  After a delightful dinner,(Chrissa's and Elizabeth's mom is a wonderful cook!:) we put on our pajamas, brushed our teeth, and climbed in bed.  We stayed awake talking for quite a while, then one by one we all fell asleep eventually.
In the morning, Saige and I got up to make breakfast, since their Mother was still sleeping.

Julie and Chrissa decided to take advantage of the Saturday morning and slept in.
While we were eating, Chrissa brought up her dream.
"I had this really weird dream.  There was this giant or something chasing me, and for some odd reason, I was scared that it was going to sit on me.  It did, and I woke up to find that Julie was lying on top of me." Chrissa told us, looking at Julie, who was smiling.
"Well, I had a strange dream too." Julie said. "The problem is, I don't remember it!"
Smiling at Julie, Saige told her "Julie, you have a serious case of bed head!"
After breakfast, we had to leave.  I Love Chrissa and Elizabeth and Saige I think they are my Best Friends(And Livey!:) 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fall Baking

Hello everydollie! Today as I walked out into the living room I stopped and posed for Livey,"How do I look?" 
 "OK, I am hungry, can you use your delectable baking skills and make something- plezzzzzzz!?!?!?"  
See usually when ever she said this I WOULD TAKE THOUSANDS OF HOURS and  make something and she said that she was already full, I was getting tired of this but I am sure she gets annoyed at me sometimes too, I mean we are roommates.  
"Ok, sure what do ya want?" 
"Anything with sugar and taste good!" 
(that was her typical order.)  
So I thought that I would make pumpkin cinnamon rolls, Because the first day of fall is only tomorrow and pumpkin is very fallish!:) So got all the ingredients and started baking.  


After all my hard work and labor I was finished, and I proclaimed triumphantly,"I am done with the treat now Livey." 
 "Oh that was very sweet of you Julie but I am just not that hungry." 
"What?!? After I slaved away in the kitchen doing what you asked me to do, you aren't hungry." (most of my friends say I am dramatic, I do not know why:)  

"I well ummm........ I did eat your baking, like um yeah..... Ok, Ok, I ate all the batter I mean it is just sitting there saying 'eat me, eat me!' and I just had to!!!!!" 
I stood there for a moment of which apparently seemed like a thousand to Livey, who was anxiously waiting. "Well, at least you cleaned all the dishes!" I finally replied 
"Ew Julie you are not really going to eat off of those!" 
"course not!" 
I laughed so hard I ran to the couch to support me so that I would not fall down! And When I looked back at the plate of rolls two where gone and there where crumbs on Livey's face!!!!:D 

fall baking image c/o google images

Monday, September 16, 2013

Contests on Doll Diaries! Enter for your chance to win!


Hello Everydollie! Doll Diaries is having three awesome raffle contests with wonderful prizes one of which are doll diaries pj`s! How cool is that! 

Also, very soon I will have a fall photo contest,  so keep your eyes peeled! 


Friday, September 6, 2013

My Weekend (Last week)

Hello everydollie so sorry that this is a week late! But I just wanted to share my Labor Day Weekend that I spent with my BDF's (Best Dollie Friends) Saige, Elizabeth and Chrissa. Chrissa  took all these beautiful pictures of all of us on the beach! 

We all hiked up the sand dune while listening to the surf's symphony and all the see-galls singing along in harmony. The wind whipped up our hair up onto whirling tornado's! 
"I feel like a super model!" said Saige striking a pose while Chrissa snapped a photo. 

"Me too!" I exclaimed. I climbed up the dune and sat next to Saige, "Are you enjoying your first visit to the coast?" I questioned 

"I love it soooooooo much, living in New Mexico I never get to go to the beach." she answered sincerely  

"I love living 5 minuets away from the beach!" said Chrissa "I beach is right there, just waiting for you to-" 
"Surf!" I said. 
"Egg-axticly!" she said, we all giggled. 


We all went back to our hotel room and went to bed so we could go to the pool the very next thing tomorrow! But Chrissa and I had a different idea... 

"Rise and shine!" Elizabeth gently said 
"Noooooo... to..early..." The others and I whaled , well all excepted Saige 

"I am coming" Saige yawned 

Then we all hopped into the pool! 

 "This was a great weekend!" I said! 
"I know! Thank you for coming!" replied Chrissa 

"This... was...awesome" said Saige while trying to get a tan! 


See Chrissa's side of the story 

Note:I have permission to have the Saltys photos on this post all photo C/O Chrissa and Elizabeth 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Series!! Jlove: Autumn Mysteries Part #1


Hello everydollie! Today I was walking home from school at InnerstarU with Rosie and... 

"Come on Julie this is the best way home! It's an shortcut!" She shouted over her shoulder, 
It was a crisp, chili almost-fall day with the first cool breezes of the year blowing on my face. I crunched over freshly fallen leaves and twigs. The 'Blue sky Nature Center" sing was in the distance, "Rosie shouldn't we turn at the sing, we could get lost!" 
"You worry too much, well'l be fine, come on it'll be fun!" she replied   
 I stopped hesitantly, the hint of adventure that hung in her voice reminded me that I have gotten into many dangerous situations with my roommate Livey joy, who is currently visiting her friend Kantian in Minnesota. I took a slow step forward then stopped, where was Rosie? She was gone!!! "Rosie!!!!" I yelled in a nervous wreak! 
"I am over here." She said out of sight, but surprisingly close. She poked her head out from behind a tree trunk. "I believe the trail picks up near this oak tree."      
I realized That I had stopped breathing, and ex-hailed loudly saying, "Rosie you scared me!"

I followed her clutching my purple messenger bag as I trumped up the hill.  
"What's this?" said Rosie she picked up a old crumpled piece of paper. 
"It's a treasure map!" she exclaimed!  
"What? Let me look at that!" I said, and low and behold it was.

"What do you think it leads to?" said Rosie 
"Who cares besides it could be dangerous!" I reluctantly replied 


And Then.......... 

Monday, September 2, 2013

New from American Girl!


Hello Everydollie! I love the new stuff from American Girl!
This is very pretty! 

 I love the boots! 
 This is Livey's fave! 
 So relaxing! 

 This is gorgeous! 
What do you think comment below! 

All images C/O of American Girl