Thursday, June 27, 2013

Perfect Pic nic


Today I had a summer pick-nick with all of my friends! Of course we had our furry friend, Coconut, come along!  Nicki, Livey, Rosey (or Rose), Kirsten and me! We had so much fun! We ate sandwiches and yogurt raisins and fruit salad! InnerstarU was Beautiful today and we chose to go the Morning star Meadow and flew kites then we settled down and ate some lunch! 


"Wow it really is pretty here!" awed Nicki 
"Anyone for some lunch?" I said enthusiastically 
"Yes we'er starving!" they all replied 


I pulled out and passed all the plates out then the sandwiches, then I saw that the basket was empty! I knew I had made some pink lemonade! "Has anyone seen the lemonade?"

"No, Nope Sorry." 


"Coconut!" yelled Kirsten 


She was drinking the pink lemonade! 

"Coconut!" We all giggled 

It really was the perfect pick nick!  


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tour of our hose!

Camp let out early so we went home! I will give you a tour of our home! (Dorm:) 

The kitchen 


The Living area 

The couch is home-made 


Our bedroom! 

And last but not lest our bathroom! 


This is our wonderful home at InnerstarU! 
There is no place like home!
What is your house like?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hiking at camp

Today we are going on a hike with Kirsten our camp leader! 

 She got us up and we got dressed....  


...... and went hiking on Green oak trail! 

There are so many cool things! 

It is so beautiful here! I reach out to examine a tree leaf.

It was the prettiest shade of green that no doll could ever imagine!!! No wonder why they call it green oak trail!!!!   

I was starting to get tiered and rested on a tree trunk
Then I notice something, "Hey where is Livey?" I started getting concerned 

"I'am up here!"  she said. I looked up and sure enough there was Livey! 


"Livey you got me scared there for a little!" I said giggling when I saw her up in the tree! I climbed up the tree and sat next to Livey, the view was amazing! 

I LOVE hiking!! Do you? 

My new outfit

Hey everyone I got the super cute new outfit from American Girl on sale! I love it

I love the color Pink!  

And the cute poncho! 


The boots are my fave part! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hey there! 

Camp Doll Diaries is having a talent show!!! Livey and I are hoping to enter. We are scrambling the cabin for talents to show! 
 Livey made this from a camp craft. 


But we didn't think that these where enough to show case, so I tried to sing a few notes. 

Livey suggested  that I nit do that in-front of everyone!

So Livey tide to stand on her head and sing Yankee doddle 5 times (is that even a talent?) 

But she just landed with a thud on the floor. 

Then we tried to brake out some dance moves and we really pulled it off...... 


And then.... 

Talent show part two coming soon 

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Hello Fellow Dolls! 

Today is a really super exciting day! I am going to camp! I have never been to camp before so I do not know what to expect! Livey (My roommate @ InnerstarU:)and I are going to be in the same cabin. Nicki did not want to go, so she stayed home with Sugar ( My dogie :) When we arrived I exclaimed; "Look at the view Livey! It is nothing like home in InnerstarU!"

"Wow! It is pretty! I am so glad Doll Diaries is having a camp this year!" replied Livey
 I am a huge fan of Doll Diaries I go on there almost every day! 
 We arrived at our cabin; Hidden Willow, and unpacked 


Camp started tomorrow and it was getting late, I decided to get to bed and so did Livey. I could not go to sleep I  was excited and so nervous "what if I don't fit in?"


Finally I dozed off and couldn't wait to start tomorrow!