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Julie Grace ~ Blog Author  

Hi! I am Julie, author of this blog! I live in Inner Star University, (A private school for My American Girl Dolls) There are so many cool people who appear on this blog! Here is a list all all my friends! 

Livey Joy~ Roommate 

Livey Joy is my wonderful Roommate, and friend, at innerstarU! She loves her dog meatloaf, sports (mostly soccer) and stake boarding! 

Chrissa and Elizabeth Edwards~ BFF's 
They have a blog too! The  Saltys a doll blog! They live near the beach in St.Augustine, and are part of a club I am apart of called S.A.H.O. Chrissa loves Gymnastics and Elizabeth loves to sew and cook. 

Saige Copeland~Friend 

Saige is an amazing artist who loves to ride horses and is a dear friend of mine! She is a member of S.A.H.O. and has a blog Saige page

Rosie Faith~ Class Mate 

Rosie is a true out door  lover! She is a innerstU student. She works at the blue sky nature center at innerstarU! 

Willow Martin~ Cousin 

Willow is amazing! She (sadly) lives in Ohio, far, far, away:(. She loves to bake and works at a cute bakery! She has a blog too! Willow's 

Brook,  Mckenna, Mia, &  Julie A.~ Pen Pals 

Brook,  Mckenna, Mia, &  Julie A are Willows friends in Ohio, and my pen pals. They also work at the bakery! 

Izzy and Elizabeth Ryan~Dolly Friends

 They are my friends! They also have their own blog  Doll adventures in Paris

Kit And Mckenna Brook~ Chrissa and Elizabeth's cousins 
They are so much fun to be around! The just moved to Orlando FL. from Denver CO.! They have a awesome blog check it out at The Brooks adventures doll

Meatloaf and Sugar 

Meatloaf (right)  is Livey's dogie and Sugar (left) is my dogie! They both love to go on walks and cuddling! 

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