Friday, December 20, 2013

New sneak peak music video!


Hello every Dollie I have made my first AGSM With you ! I did it to "with you" by Jamie Grace and it is the opening song to "Jlove Life as a doll blogger!" (my agsm series!) It is on the videos page. Enjoy! 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Getting a Christmas tree! ~ with Livey

Hello Every-Dollie! Since Christmas is less than a week away (ekkk! I need to get Livey's gift soon!) Livey and I thought it was high time we get our Christmas tree up, and I agreed. So it was off to the Christmas tree farm! 

Sadly, since it was so late in the season, most of the selection was gone. 
 "Aw man, I bet all the good trees are gone!" Livey said gloomily, But I saw a cute little, plump tree in the corner that I would keep my eyes on. Failing to mention this, Livey walked up to a taller tree, "I guess I could settle for this one." she sighed. "It just doesn't feel like Christmas with moving into a new dorm and all." 

"I know, but that doesn't mean that this is down right the worst Holiday season there is, and ever will be!" I replied, attempting to cheer her up, but I knew how she felt, because I felt the same way. As I looked up I saw the sales doll take the tree I liked down and give to someone else. Maybe this was the worst holiday ever. I bit my lip and tried not to show Livey my disappointment.   

"Julie are you Ok?"Livey asked concerned 
"Sure." I didn't realize how shaky my voice was until I said something. 
Then Livey saw the transaction being made with the cute little tree. "Oh Julie! You wanted that tree didn't you?!" she realized. 
"Yeah." I said softly 

"Look, I know this season is different, but Christmas isn't about getting a tree! Let alone presents! I don't care how or where we celebrate Christmas, as long as I celebrate it with you!" Livey said. It touched my hart and I realized what she said, and I agreed. I didn't need that tree to fulfill my Christmas, and I didn't need good circumstances to have a wonderful Holiday season either. I could have the best season ever as long as I had Livey! 

As Livey finished she went to speak with the sales doll to help look for a similar tree. When she came back, Livey lead me to a different corner to the little tree!!! "I thought they sold that one!" I said shocked 
"No,they almost did, but the doll changed her mind at the last minuet." she said. "Thank you!" I rejoiced! 
Livey helped me move the tree back to the dorm, our new dorm! 

This defiantly wasn't the worst Christmas ever because I had my best friend Livey! 

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The Scoop! An American Girl Store Maybe Somewhere near you Soon!

AG store images C/o/ Google Images 

Hello Every Dollie if you are like me, one of the highlights of your Christmas season is Holiday shopping! And what better place to shop than at the American Girl Store!? It sounds like American Girl is getting several new locations! There have been some recent rumors going around that AG is expanding their stores to Canada!  Also it has been said that AG is soon to open stores in Orlando FL, Kansas City KS, Charlotte NC,

 American Girl has announced the opening of the Orlando Store in the  Florida Mall in the Fall of 2014!! 


Along with Orlando, Kansas City will have a new AG store will open in the fall  in Oak Park Mall!
In addition to FL and KS in the fall of 2014, South Park Mall in Charlotte NC will have a new AG store! 

Also, the American Girl stores maybe going international and expand to Canada according to Globe and Mail and also Doll Diaries, but of course no one knows for sure. Kudos for any Dollies living in or near Orlando, Kansas City, Charlotte, or perhaps even Canada, because you might have a new American Girl Store just in time for the Holidays next year! 


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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Blogger Break is OVER!

Hello Everydollie, that's right- BLOGGER BREAK IS OVER!!!!!!! 
No more!!!!!!!! 
I can not wait to post again! There will be.... 
* DIYs 
*Hair styles 
*Photo stories 

Plus New series like..... 

*Doll Home Decor 
*Holiday Happiness  
*Doll care tips 
*A Sneak Peek at my new web-show
'Jlove: Life at InnerstarU'

And of course more... 
*Friends Friday 

 Can't wait to post everything!  

Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday!

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It's that time of year again! American Girl's Cyber Monday! There some really great deals! Check it out

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Holidays

Hello! I love this time of year so much! I hope your holidays are off to a wonderful start! I love singing Christmas Carols and sipping hot coco!  
What is your Favorite part of Christmas time? 


Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello every dollie I hope you are having an awesome Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for readers and followers like you! :D 


Monday, November 18, 2013

At the lake In InnerstarU


Hello EveryDollie, today Saige and I decided that we would trek up to the lake. Inner Star University has a whole lot of little lakes, streams, and ponds. Plus the dock is super relaxing! 

As we walked up to the dock I stated, "It is so cool outside to day! It really feels like Fall!" 
"I know right?! The trees are so pretty!" Saige answered 
As we got down to the dock, we could see the paddle boats go by. 
"The waters so peaceful and clam and-" 
"Blue!" I finished Saige's sentence 


The sun tried to shine, but the sheet of clouds wouldn't allow it. 

As I looked up the Sun won it's fight and came out triumphantly and shown it's powerful light on the water! As we walked back from the lake we looked for shells that washed up from the lake. 
"Do you have any luck?" I asked Saige 
"Nope, I can only find rocks." she said disappointed 

So we walked back to the hotel. The blogger break will be over on the 1st weekend of December!!!!!!!!! 

This Just In! GOTY 2014


Hello Everydollie! THIS JUST IN! Here is everything I know about the new GOTY 2014  
American Girl's Newest doll, Isabelle will have three books instead of the normal two books for goty's. She is a ballerina and like Chrissa, Mckenna and Saige, there will be a movie for her too! 

Here are more pictures of her! 




and more info form and Doll 

American Girl is even alowing pre-orders of the GOTY minie dolls! 

Love always, 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pumkin Patch!

Hello Every dollie! My blogger break is almost over! (Sorry,  my post will be short today!): Today I went to the pumpkin patch with S.A.H.O.! I thought that it would be fun to pick out my pumpkin with them!  


With the help of Saige, I found the best pumpkin! 

After hours of walking around the patch, I was just too tired to go on! 


What is your Pumpkin like?  

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