Tuesday, August 27, 2013

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Hello every dollie!!! Doll Diaries is haveing a give away! Be sure to enter!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back to School!


Hello Everydollie! School is here again and I got off to a great start!  Livey and I are walking home for our first day back to school at InnerstarU! 

We took our dogs to Pet Palooza for the day and we took the long way to our dorms because it was such a beautiful day outside! After we got our dogs we passed the park and sat there for awhile! 
"Wow who knew skate-boarding could be so tiring!?" complained Livey 
"Let's hang at the park." I suggested 
"Awesome! Ok!"

Sugar was swarming to get out of my hand so she could stretch her little legs. 
Plus Meatloaf was going a bit too fast. 


"Lets sit here!" I said 

Livey skidded to a stop and nearly lost her balance,"I'am still new at this." she said   

I giggled! "That's ok!" 

We all plopped down tired and worn out! 

That is all excepted for Meatloaf, she jumped up onto Livey and licked her face uncontrollably!!!! 




"I feel bad for Rose!"(Our InnerstarU friend) I said 
Her day was anything but fun, she forgot half her books lost her lunch money and when she waited in line at the vending machine it was out of service when she got there! 


"Yeah we should do something for her!" Livey replied "We could get her a dog!" 
"Great Idea! We can give it to her tomorrow!" 

How was your Back to School? Comment below!


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Introducing, Saige Copland

Hello Everydollie! This is my newest friend Saige! She and her Mimi where teaching art class for School today at innerstarU! She lives close to innerstarU so we can get together a lot!! She has a horse, Georgia and a dog Rembrandt!! Yeah!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Fashion Ave.: Plaid and Floral prints!


Hello everydollie! I just love floral and plaid prints! They make cute outfits for every season! 
Here are different ways to wear floral and plaid prints. 

With accessories 


Here is a way to wear a long sleeved floral print shirt! With a vest. 
The jeans and shoes give a nice touch!  

On a Sundress  

You can wear plaid on a cute plaid sun dress! 

Combined the two! 

You can even wear the two prints in one shirt! 

On a Cute skirt! 

One of the prettiest ways is to wear floral on a skirt!  

Thank you

Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Happy reunion!

Hello everydollie! To day I got to see Chrissa and Elizabeth! I missed them so much and they where gone for three months! I missed them a lot!!!! After we got all the bear hugs over with, Chrissa suggested "Hey, why don't we go swimming at our community pool?"  

"That sounds ....... AWESOME!" I replayed  

And then we got all of our stuff and went over to the pool! 

We all laid down and rested because we all knew that school would start soon and I wanted to get as much relaxation time as possible!  

"Aaa.. this is the life!" Chrissa sighed.

" I know right?  It is a bummer that you just got back and there is barley any summer left!" I sighed.

" What a beautiful sunset." said Elizabeth changing the subject


"It is pretty!" I agreed!


Then we went back and we slept soundly then woke up. "Wow! We slept in!" Chrissa exclaimed!  

" I had a dream that school started tomorrow!" I said.

"Unfortunately, it almost feels like it does!" exclaimed Chrissa.

"You guys shouldn't dwell over the fact that school starts soon, instead dwell on the great memories you had this summer!"
Elizabeth had a point, I thought, so I wanted to make the most of this summer! 

Then we had breakfast!  

We had a great time and I am super duper glad that their back!  

Friday, August 9, 2013

Jlove's Friend Friday: Kaya

Hello everydollie! Today I am going to introduce you to my friend Kaya! 

Here is my interview with her! 

Jlove: What is your favorite hobbies?  

Kaya: I love to draw and to read!!

Jlove: What is your favorite color? 

Kaya: I like aqua blue 

Jlove: Where do you go to school? 

Kaya: I am a home-schooled doll 

Jlove: Do you have a job and if so what do you do? 

Kaya: I work on my family farm! 

Jlove: Do you have a pet? 

Kaya: Yes I have a dog named Milo! 

Thank you Kaya! Here is a picture of her! 


Monday, August 5, 2013

Fashion Ave. What's hot in Dollie fashions- Collars


Hello everydollie! Today I was looking in the new American Girl Catalog and found several outfits  with cute collars, which make adorable outfits packed with personality!   

The Classic Collar  

This is a cute way to dress up any outfit and turns a plain shirt a cute formal or casual top! 


 The Ruffled Collar  


This is a great way to spice up any outfit for any occasion! A party, get to gather or school!  


The Criss-Cross Collar 


This collar looks great on a knit shirt like this one! Great for a cozy top and perfect for Fall! 

The Rolled Collar 


This collar looks great with a accent accessory i.e. a flower like this on the Outfit, a bow or sparkles! 

I hope you enjoy the first of many post in mt new series Fashion Ave. ! 

What is your fave outfit Comment below