Monday, May 27, 2013

I went to give Nicki a tour of innerstaru and we went to the Blue Sky Nature Center, and here are some Photo's we took! 


There are a lot a pictures! But hardly any words, but a picture is worth'a thousand words! 

Sunday, May 26, 2013



I have a new roommate for the whole summer! Nicki Fleming! She is so sweet, since I have two roommates now (Livey & Nicki) I have to make extra room, but I keep on having to remind myself  that it is only for the summer! She arrived May 22nd! 
I showed her our room, because that is where she'll be staying! Then Livey walked in and enthusiastically greeted Nicki! 
"Hi Nick! I have been waiting you arrival for months!"yipped Livey 
"We jusy found out she was coming!" I corrected her, " But I am so glad you could come!" 
I am too it is so fun at innerstaru!" she exclamied 

I am so glad to meet Nicki! 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ode To Chrissa and Elizabeth!

I miss Elizabeth and Chrissa sooooooooo MUCH! I wish that they could be here for at lest part of the summer!They flew out yesterday and are not coming home until August!  I was looking though my pictures and I found some ones of all three of us! Here they are!

Photo shoot in Elizabeth and Chrissa's Back yard! 

On the shores of St. Augustine! (which is where they live)

                                                In S.A.H.O. (St. Augustine Hang Out: a.k.a.our club)

 In their Condo.

And memories came to mind like... 

(Innerstar U is where I live!) 


Monday, May 20, 2013



Hi all! I am super sorry I have not been posting lately! Elizabeth and Chrissa were going away for the WHOLE ENTIRE SUMMER! 
And I wanted to spend as much time with them as possible! I went to their condo every other weekend and they came to my dorm in Innerstar U, the weekends I didn't go to their place! That's why I have been sooooooo busy, but it was worth it!!Here are some pictures of what we did! 


Camping trips... 

Fun at S.A.H.O

Celebrating the coming of Spring

And don't even forget about national purple shoe day! 

They are flying out tomorrow and I am not go to see them again until August! I am so sad! More than sad, Devastated!!!!!! 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Spring at S.A.H.O.!

 I went to visit my B.F.F.S Chrissa and Elizabeth!

 Since spring I was in the air we (Chrissa, Elizabeth,and I) decided to decorate our club, S.A.H.O., for spring.  Everyone helped... 
I hung up the spring sign that we made that said "SPRING", isn't it pretty!?

Chrissa enjoyed throwing flower's everywhere!( So totally a Chrissa thing :) 

And then sweet and sensible Elizabeth orderly set up the food station with cupcakes she made for my arrival and pink Lemonade ( My FAVE!) -Yum!  


Then we talked about everything under the sun, the new Saige doll coming out, the fact that without meaning to, we all wore purple shoes, and how cute Chrissa's doll Nellie looked in French Braids! 


An other awesome day at S.A.H.O.!