Thursday, December 19, 2013

Getting a Christmas tree! ~ with Livey

Hello Every-Dollie! Since Christmas is less than a week away (ekkk! I need to get Livey's gift soon!) Livey and I thought it was high time we get our Christmas tree up, and I agreed. So it was off to the Christmas tree farm! 

Sadly, since it was so late in the season, most of the selection was gone. 
 "Aw man, I bet all the good trees are gone!" Livey said gloomily, But I saw a cute little, plump tree in the corner that I would keep my eyes on. Failing to mention this, Livey walked up to a taller tree, "I guess I could settle for this one." she sighed. "It just doesn't feel like Christmas with moving into a new dorm and all." 

"I know, but that doesn't mean that this is down right the worst Holiday season there is, and ever will be!" I replied, attempting to cheer her up, but I knew how she felt, because I felt the same way. As I looked up I saw the sales doll take the tree I liked down and give to someone else. Maybe this was the worst holiday ever. I bit my lip and tried not to show Livey my disappointment.   

"Julie are you Ok?"Livey asked concerned 
"Sure." I didn't realize how shaky my voice was until I said something. 
Then Livey saw the transaction being made with the cute little tree. "Oh Julie! You wanted that tree didn't you?!" she realized. 
"Yeah." I said softly 

"Look, I know this season is different, but Christmas isn't about getting a tree! Let alone presents! I don't care how or where we celebrate Christmas, as long as I celebrate it with you!" Livey said. It touched my hart and I realized what she said, and I agreed. I didn't need that tree to fulfill my Christmas, and I didn't need good circumstances to have a wonderful Holiday season either. I could have the best season ever as long as I had Livey! 

As Livey finished she went to speak with the sales doll to help look for a similar tree. When she came back, Livey lead me to a different corner to the little tree!!! "I thought they sold that one!" I said shocked 
"No,they almost did, but the doll changed her mind at the last minuet." she said. "Thank you!" I rejoiced! 
Livey helped me move the tree back to the dorm, our new dorm! 

This defiantly wasn't the worst Christmas ever because I had my best friend Livey! 

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  1. Julie, we love your pictures! It's so fun that you bought a live tree.
    We miss you!
    ~Chrissa and Elizabeth

  2. Thank you Chrissa and Elizabeth! It is fun to get a live tree, that is, when they have just the right one! I miss you too!

    ~Julie for Jlove